Mochi doughnuts!

Mochi donuts from Mochinut in Summit. (Jeremy Schneider | NJ Advance Media for

Have you heard of mochi? It is the sweet and chewy Japanese rice cake. Now it has become a doughnut: mochi doughnuts!

Ani Ramen, the noodle shop with seven locations throughout New Jersey and more on the way, partnered with Mochinut, an international chain that specializes in mochi doughnuts. Ani Ramen’s Summit location now has a connected Mochinut shop.

“We jumped on the opportunity to offer this as option,” Afshin Shirazi, senior vice president of Montclair Hospitality Group, said. “When someone’s leaving Ani Ramen, now they can have a dessert as well.”

According to, what makes a mochi doughnut different than regular ones? Made with rice flour, they have a much chewier, glutinous texture than a typical cake doughnut. It’s a completely unique experience — it almost takes on a gummy consistency, but pleasantly so. If you’ve had mochi before, you have an idea of what the chewiness will be like.


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