Food Truck Thursdays will serve Union residents mobily

UNION, NJ — According to Union Township hosted its weekly Food Truck Thursdays event at Biertuempfel Park on Thursday, April 13.

Since Jan. 12, various food trucks from across the U.S. have gathered at this park in Union each week to serve new and returning customers in efforts to grow their businesses. The event runs through May 25, with food trucks including Cousins Maine Lobster, Mexi-Boys, Big John’s Gourmet Burgers, Twelve Truck and Soup Phantom all making stops every Thursday.

Union Township developed the idea after the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborating with food trucks to deliver quality food and attract residents to support and boost their businesses. The township also works with local vendors such as Aunt Lullie’s and Grandma Emma’s at these events as well.


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